Welcome To The 2023 Marketing Challenge
presented by Brokers Open Podcast!!!

Course Information

The Brokers Open Podcast Marketing Challenge is designed specifically for agents and will help you clarify your marketing goals in 2023 without increasing your marketing spend. The key to great marketing is choosing what works best for YOU! That’s why one marketing technique can work brilliantly for one agent and completely flop for another. Once you truly determine YOUR best strategy, your real estate business will be easy to scale!

Meet Your Instructor

Matt Vigh is the cohost of Brokers Open Podcast and an expert in the the real estate industry. As a broker, he has helped hundreds of agents become top producers in their market and go on to build successful real estate businesses of their own. 

You may have seen him as a speaker/guest author for Entrepreneur Magazine, Oracle Netsuite, Dotloop, The Close, etc. 

In this course he will take you through a proven framework that has helped so many scale their marketing efforts without wasting their hard earned commission on the wrong strategies.


Course Modules