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Congratulations: You Are A

As a Strategist you always want to do the right thing for the people you know, like, and trust. You've seen other agents be greedy, use harsh selling tactics and fail in real estate. You want to make sure that doesn't happen to you or the people you know. You do not have an ego, and refuse to manipulate others into working with you. One of your biggest fears is failing in this industry and never being able to fulfill your true calling, which is to help others feel the joy of owning their dream home.

This is why your prospecting methods must be customer centered and offer a high amount of value to ensure referral business year after year.

Why do many Strategists struggle in real estate?

small talk/ chitchat

Connectors have a difficult time with cold calling because they value warm relationships. It's easy to fall in the trap of "just make more calls", but that won't work for you.


Don't fall in the trap of copying the most successful agent in your office...unless they are a Connector :). Model a guest from our podcast that you can truly relate to.

public speaking

How many times have you seen multiple agents in your market post the same content on their different platforms. As a Connector that truly bothers you that agents are paying others to "be them" on social media.


The wrong systems will destroy any real estate business, but this is increasingly so with a Connector. Here is why...?

What is a Strategist and how do they succeed in real estate?

Harmony makes small things grow. Lack of it makes great things decay. 

-Sallust, Roman Historian

logic/ intelligence

Relationships are at your core. "Know, Like, & Trust" come easy for you. Buyers/Sellers are quick to see you value their connection.

Research & Development

You love being part of a bigger purpose, and contributing to your entire community. You always help everyone feel included.

the "Big Picture"

You value people and purpose over a dollar. You will go out of your way to serve others. You always give before you receive.

Geographic Farming

Online leads are a great way for you to connect with more people quicker! The relationship stays key. You'll attract more customers, because you will treat them with care more than another agent chasing the next deal.

Open Houses

Open houses are the most cost effective way to grow a real estate business when done correctly. You should use them to immerse yourself in your community. It's a great way to include an entire neighborhood in your SOI.

Newsletter/ Market Update

People love you because you are REAL! It's a breath of fresh air to most people you meet. Use that skillset at multiple networking events/ groups to unlock a limitless amount of business for years to come.

“Until I knew how to use my Strategist real estate personality, I wasted countless hours trying to grow my business the wrong way."
Alex Moore - Agent/ BOP listener

Join The Leads Bootcamp.
Uncover a detailed plan for a Strategist, and surround yourself with a Mastermind of like minded agents.

Leads Bootcamp is such an amazing opportunity. I never realized what I was missing in my lead generation. I was already crushing it, but this has taken me to a level I didn't know existed. I have now started a team and require this to join. I can't say enough good things, and I am truly grateful.”
Donna Range, Top Producing Agent
"I don't know what I did before the Leads Bootcamp. It saved my business and gave me freedom from to pursue my favorite parts of real estate. If you are just now learning about your real estate personality, you are in for a treat once you start the bootcamp."
Barbara Foulks, Realtor
“I couldn't be happier about joining the Leads Bootcamp. Being able to connect with other agents with my same personality allows me to simply model their success, knowing that it will work for me as well. I don't have to sit and worry about when my next closing is coming.”
Clara Perez, Real Estate Agent

Strategies utilized by top producing Strategists from our podcast!

Detailed Plan To Grow As A Strategist

There are multiple real estate personalities but they all need a plan. The Connector plan is designed to utilize your strength of building relationships to build a real estate lead generation system that you are proud of.

Networking with other Strategists in Live Masterminds Each Month

Connectors love to connect! Each month we have live Mastermind Meetings led by our podcast hosts Dr. Ben Spears (closed 30 transactions in his first year with over $8M in sales volume) & Matt Vigh (over 30+ years of real estate experience as a broker) with agents across the country in the Bootcamp.

A Monthly Lead Generation Accelerator Designed Specifically For Strategists

Unlock a course designed specifically for you as a Connector! Each month a new section of the Accelerator is unlocked for you to put in place. This is designed to help you master your lead generation without overwhelming you all at once.

1 on 1 Call to ensure you get started and achieve results as soon as possible.

Your success is critical to us. We want to be part of YOUR win! That is why we include a complimentary 1 on 1 Strategy session with one of our top coaches so you can get started in the best direction for you.

Free Registration for our 3 Virtual Events Each Year!

3 Times each year we bring in expert keynote speakers for our virtual events. Every event has hundreds of agents attend from across the country. Speakers range from top producing agents to CEO's of mulitimillion dollar companies.

The ability to send and receive referrals through a network of like-minded agents across the country.

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Leads Bootcamp

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