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Business Networking

Matt Vigh · March 18, 2021

This challenge is designed to help you build a business ecosystem within your local market.  If done right and consistently this specific tactic will help you in several crucial ways. 

Business leaders talk.  Especially when they find someone who is a great resource for information.  Even more so when the person is a resource in many different capacities such as generating business leads, sharing smart business ideas, helping them understand local economic factors, and someone that has powerful marketing insight.

Since those types of relationships are few and far between they want to keep those connection close by and happy!  It is also a free way to help their employees with situations that they would like to keep out of the workplace as much as possible.  Staff that do not have to worry about their housing needs are better employees.

Your interaction with them is helpful because you are delivering to their doorstep on a regular basis information that they need to make more money.  You are truly being part of their win! 

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