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Expired Listings

Matt Vigh · March 18, 2021

Every great listing program includes an Expired plan!

This one is a simple and straightforward example of how to get more listings using this great option.

  1.  Find them by going to the MLS and looking back as far as you need to in order to come across some options.
  2. Remember the sellers are likely frustrated STILL because the market rejected their property.
  3. Use the script to connect and gain insight so that you can help them realize a sale.  Do this by utilizing the prequalification script to ensure that they are truly ready to sell.
  4. Use the follow up letters provided or use your own.
  5. Follow up to make sure they received the letters and see if they have any questions.

Remember, this challenge is designed to help you uncover why it did not sell the first time.  As soon as you have a system for determining how to uncover that truth and can get the seller to understand how you can help them overcome those market factors and/or conditions you will always have listings regardless of the market.

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