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Market Updates

Matt Vigh · March 18, 2021

Everyone is curious and that gives you a chance to become their expert!

At every networking event, dinner party, chamber meeting, and get together the topic of real estate is a popular part of the discussion.  People like being in the know of what is happening around them and real estate is a topic that has many tentacles into so many different parts of the local community and the world.  It’s no wonder that everyone wants to share what they know or even what they think they “know”.  This is an incredible opportunity for you if you want to put in a little work and be consistent.  With quality data and a plan that offers consistency you will be the one they are quoting in all of these networking circles.  You will be their expert when they are not in the market and the expert they call when they are in the market.    

This challenge is designed to help you start the conversation. Make the market update very shareable, but make your connections very personable.  Help them understand the market and they will call you when it’s time to dive in!

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