BOP Live! 4.4.24

BOP Live! 4.4.24

Mastermind Highlights:

I. Introduction
A. Prospecting discussion overview
B. Ground rules for the meeting

II. Market Updates
A. Discussions from various agents across different regions
B. Observations on inventory, pricing, and buyer/seller trends

III. Prospect’s Journey
A. Awareness, Consideration, and Decision phases
B. Importance of understanding where prospects are in their journey

IV. Follow-Up vs. Follow-Through
A. Definition of follow-up and follow-through
B. Importance of distinguishing between the two

V. Prospecting Mindset and Approach
A. Challenges and hesitations around prospecting
B. Shifting perspective from “prospecting” to “prospect’s journey”
C. Importance of early morning prospecting

VI. Homework and Next Steps
A. Selecting a specific prospecting audience to focus on
B. Applying the concepts discussed to that audience
C. Promise of tangible business results by taking action

VII. Closing and Q&A

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